Application scenarios of crane outrigger pads

How to Select the Suitable Crane Outrigger Pads?

Crane outrigger pads are essential for ensuring crane operations' stability and safety. They distribute the crane's weight evenly across the ground, preventing it from sinking or tipping over.
etched ptfe supplier

Maximizing Durability and Versatility: The Comprehensive Guide to PTFE Sheets and Etched PTFE Sheets

What is an Etched PTFE Sheet? Etched PTFE sheets are PTFE sheets that have undergone a surface treatment to enhance their bondability. This treatment process does not affect the original properties of PTFE Sheets, and at the same time increases its surface adhesion. Therefore, the Etched PTFE sheet can be combined with more materials, expanding the application scope of PTFE.
UHMWPE liners

How UHMWPE Liners Can Boost Your Concrete Plant Efficiency and Profitability

If you run a concrete plant, you know how important it is to keep your hoppers running smoothly and efficiently. Sand hang-ups can cause major headaches, resulting in production delays, increased labor costs, and safety hazards. Fortunately, there is a simple and effective solution that can solve these problems and improve your bottom line: UHMWPE liners.
yellow belt conveyor impact bed

UHMW Impact Bar: A Cost-Effective Solution for Conveyor Belt Protection

Impact bar is strips of material that are placed under the belt at the transfer points, where the material drops from one conveyor to another or from a feeder to a conveyor.

6 tips for textured HDPE sheet

Hey guys, today let us talk about something about the: Textured HDPE sheet...
paper dewatering machine suction box

The Ultimate Guide to UHMWPE Suction Box: How It Works in Paper Manufacturing Industry

UHMWPE, or ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, is a type of plastic with many advantages over other materials. It is extremely strong, durable, resistant to abrasion, corrosion, and chemicals, and has a low coefficient of friction. These properties make UHMWPE an ideal material for various applications, especially in the paper manufacturing industry.
plastic railway sleepers for sale

Polyethylene Sleepers vs Wooden Sleepers: A Comparison of Performance, Advantages and Disadvantages, Price and Service Life

Railway sleepers are essential components of the railway track system that support the rails and distribute the wheel loads to the ballast layer. Traditionally, sleepers are made of hardwood timber, prestressed concrete, or steel, but in recent years, alternative materials such as synthetic composites, engineered plastics, and low-profile prestressed concrete have been developed and used to replace timber sleepers.
HDPE welding tanks

Let us talk about HDPE SHEETS

When talking about HDPE, most people who are not in plastic sheet industries will think about plastic bottles, plastic pipes, or even plastic bags and plastic toys, etc because it is so often for us to see the material introduction on the label outside of the product and showing: HDPE material.
dock bumper

Why You Need Warehouse Dock Bumpers to Protect Your Loading Dock

Warehouse dock bumpers are vital accessories for any loading dock area. They protect your facility, equipment, and vehicles from damage and injury caused by the impact of trucks and trailers that back into the dock.
UHMWPE processing

UHMWPE vs Steel: 5 Tips Which Material is Better for Your Application?

UHMWPE vs Steel: 5 Tips Which Material is Better for Your Application? In this article, we will explain how UHMWPE is stronger than steel in different aspects, and what are some of the common uses of this amazing material.
outrigger pad

Why UHMWPE Crane Outrigger Pads Are Better Than Wood and Metal ?

Crane outrigger pads are essential for ensuring the stability and safety of cranes and other heavy equipment. They distribute the load evenly over a large area, preventing damage to the ground and reducing the risk of tipping over. But not all crane outrigger pads are created equal. In this blog post, we will compare three common materials for crane outrigger pads: UHMWPE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene), wood, and metal.
hdpe boards

How to Cut HDPE Sheets for Smooth, Burr-Free Results

HDPE has very good tensile strength and high density, so it has a wide range of applications, such as plastic bottles, cutting boards, scrapers, equipment friction strips, etc. But before these products can be produced, the HDPE sheets must be cut to the right size and shape. This article will cover the tools and methods used to cut HDPE sheets for smooth, burr-free results.
grain storage

UHMWPE Scrapers and Liners: An Essential Component of Grain Handling Equipment

Grain handling equipment requires a number of components to keep it working safely and efficiently. UHMWPE (Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) scrapers and liners are one such component, used to protect the inside of the equipment from wear and tear and to ensure its longevity.
tivar vs uhmwpe

TIVAR vs UHMWPE: A Comparison of High-Performance Polymers

When it comes to high-performance polymers, TIVAR and UHMWPE are two of the most popular options on the market. While TIVAR is a brand that produces products made from UHMWPE with its own proprietary formula, UHMWPE is...
suction box plates

High-Performance UHMWPE Suction Box Cover/Filter Plate for Papermaking Equipment

Papermaking is an important industry in many countries and it requires a variety of specialized tools and equipment to ensure efficient production. One of the most important pieces of equipment in a papermaking plant is the suction box cover/filter plate.
white UHMWPE bushing

Understanding the Advantages of Using UHMWPE Bushing in Industrial Applications

Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) is a type of engineering plastic that is gaining popularity in various industrial applications due to its exceptional properties. UHMWPE bushings, in particular, offer numerous benefits over traditional metal or plastic bushings and have become a preferred choice for many industries.
soccer rebounder wall

Soccer Rebounder Wall: The Ultimate Training Tool for Soccer Players

Are you looking for a way to take your soccer game to the next level? Soccer rebounder walls are the perfect training tool for soccer players to improve their skills and techniques. With soccer rebounder walls, players can practice all kinds of drills, from passing and shooting to ball control and dribbling.
Truck UHMWPE liner

Maximizing Efficiency with Easy-to-Use Dump Truck Liners

In this article, we will focus on the advantages of using easy-to-use dump truck liners made of UHMW-PE, and how they can help companies maximize their efficiency.

China cancelinbound quarantine for international arrivals

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temporary ground protection mats

How to Choose The Best Ground Protection Mats ?

At the beginning of establishing a new construction site or industrial site, a complex problem needs to be solved: ground protection. How to choose a ground protection mats that is efficient, safe, and affordable? Please start with the following 5 tips, choose the right product that meets your requirements, and develop your ground protection solution.
ground protection mats

When do you need to use ground mats?

When do you need to use ground mats? Ground mats can be used in the following situations...
green uhmwpe sheet


In this blog, you can find frequently asked questions about UHMWPE. What is UHMWPE? UHMWPE  is a material that has good wear resistance, excellent impact strength, and good self-lubrication.   It is the King of Engineering plastics.
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Top 5 UHMWPE Manufacturers in China

If you are looking for UHMWPE Manufacturers in China, then this blog post will bring you a lot of information that you are looking for.
green hdpe sheet

How to choose HDPE sheets and LDPE sheets for your application ?

So many clients sent inquiry but did not know clearly about the polyethylene sheets , actually it including two types :  HDPE sheets and LDPE sheets . 
uhmwpe block

Variety and application of UHMWPE sheets

We are in engineering plastic field for more than 10 years , among this time , we serviced for clients who were from different industries . So we collect the knowledge about the variety of UHMWPE sheets applications
UHMWPE lining

Tips for preventing UHMWPE liners from aging

However , UHMWPE sheet is not eternal , it has a reasonable service life , according to different convey materials strength and specific use frequency , also need to see its specific environments , so if we know more about its use tips , it can help clients to save more cost and service long time than theoretical time .
uhmw liner for tube

How good is the wear resistance and impact resistance of UHMWPE?

The service life is higher than steel's, and the wear resistance is 3 to 7 times that of carbon steel and stainless steel. The following form will show the detailed data.
UHMWPE Drag Conveyor Paddles

Drag Conveyor Paddles : Steel vs Plastic

Compared with a steel paddle, the plastic paddle is almost perfect, we recommend using the UHMWPE drag conveyor paddle to replace the steel paddle.
uhmwpe fender panel

What is a UHMWPE liner?

What is a UHMWPE liner? The UHMWPE liner is a special product that can be used in coal bins, chutes, hoppers, silos, and conveyor systems widely. It is installed equipment inside the surface.
ground mats

What are Ground Protection Mats ?

Ground protection mats are made of polyethylene. It is a product used to protect the original ground or form a temporary ground.