Crane Outrigger Pads

Crane outrigger pads are placed under the foot of crane, they are generally used to support the outriggers of cranes, pump trucks, lifting machinery vehicles, etc., which can expand the contact area between the outriggers and the ground, ensure the strong support of the outriggers, and ensure the support safety of the operation vehicles.

In previous years, wood or metal material outrigger pads are accepted, but this years more and more clients realized the disadvantages of wood or metal, but choose PLASTIC UHMWPE material to make the crane outrigger pads. See more details about UHMWPE outrigger pads below.

What is the purpose of outrigger pads

Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) outrigger pads are selected as the outrigger pads of construction machinery. What we care about is that they have high strength and stiffness, which can reduce the deformation of the pad body under stress and provide more stable support for construction machinery.

The supporting leg base plate of construction machinery is supported by four corners, which can be used normally in harsh environments. It is better to bend without breaking when overloaded. The portable rope is made of nylon, and the end of the portable rope is embedded in the base plate body for convenient transportation and arrangement.

What size outrigger pads do I need

Just tell us your crane loads and how many feet totally , and the operate site ground situation is flat or not , then we can help you to make the correct decision about the UHMWPE outrigger pads size .

For example , if the crane max loads is 40 tons , totally 4 feet , so need 4 pieces outrigger pads , and each pad size should be 400 X 400 X 40 mm is OK enough .

Besides , with or without the engraving circle or rhombus anti slip surface , all can be customized easily with us .

What are outrigger pads made of

UHMWPE material is the most popular and best choice to make the crane outrigger pads . Due to its below features of property :

Zero water absorption, no deformation due to water absorption, and no frost due to water absorption in winter, avoiding the risk of side slip;

Nylon portable rope design, convenient for operation and carrying;

Strong corrosion resistance and stable chemical properties;

It has strong low temperature resistance and can be used under extreme weather conditions (-180 ° C to + 80 ° C);

Ensure that the pad is safe and stable in the center of the outrigger / outrigger foot position / slot ;

The material is environmentally friendly, and the backing plate can be reused, without air pollution, so as to avoid frequent replacement of wood and reduce the use cost;

Light weight, easy operation by one person and low transportation cost;

With strong bearing capacity, it can bear 4-300 tons to ensure the safety of support.

How to choose outrigger pads material

People usually use traditional wooden material outrigger pads to work. After a long time of use, there will be debris. In wet weather and areas, it is easy to be damp and easy to moth, resulting in the shortcomings of poor pressure resistance, easy fracture and easy corrosion. This kind of wood outrigger pad is heavy in weight ,although it is cheap , but it is not durable. Basically, it needs to be replaced with a new outrigger pad after a few months of use.

The UHMWPE outrigger base plate has stronger wear resistance and compression resistance than the wooden base plate and iron base plate previously used, and it is light in weight, easy to handle, more convenient to use, which increases the work efficiency and prolongs the service life of the base plate.

How many types can be choosed for the outrigger pads

Popular sizes like 300 X 300 X 30 mm , 500 X 500 X 40 mm , 600 x 600 x 50 mm , 800 X 800 X 60 mm, 1000 X 1000 X 60 mm , etc , all sizes are available .

Any bright colors like yellow , orange , blue or other customized colors are available to make .

Regarding the surface pattern , we can make flat surface , circle engraving or rhombus anti slip pattern or any other customized process , also no problem to make .

About the handle , we can make nylon rope with rubber pipe to lift the outrigger pads , we can also make the engraved handle . It is up to client’s request . No matter which type , we guarantee the safety lifting first .

What is the service life of crane outrigger pads

The common UHMWPE crane outrigger pads service life is 1-3 years .  This belongs to easy wear plastic parts ,  in theory , they should be replaced within half year if under normal use . But please kindly note , even over use it or exceed its max load bearing, it will not crack , will only bend a little .

From our clients application experience , every 3 months will replace new pads to guarantee the absolutely safe of construction project operation .