Ground Protection Mats

Ground protection mats always be treated as a mat to cover on ground and protect the ground and vehicles for both, 90% of clients choose the polyethylene material ground mats for their application. It is an ideal product to prevent vehicles from getting stuck in muddy, wet, and unstable ground conditions and is very suitable for use within construction, landscaping, utilities, events, and leisure industries.

What does ground mats looks like?

Ground protection mats always been made from HDPE plastic material, so it is also called plastic ground mats, generally it has six or eight handles to let adult life it easily, meanwhile it has 4 connect holes in 4 corners, the holes is for connect each mat together when cover them on ground. And there are one side or both sides anti-slip patterns on surface, to let the mats much more skid proof.  Usually it is black color, but for some special application like beach mats, grass mats, clients always choose bright colors like yellow or blue color to make the ground mats.  And there are different anti slip patterns can be selected for clients .

Why are ground protection mats used?

There are too many construction sites have difficult ground situation, like sand, mud and marshy areas.  So they need the ground mats to protect workers, guests, equipments and the vehicles.

And there are some special areas grounds also need to be protected, like beach, grass, event ground, etc. The anti-slip pattern makes the mat will not put on ground completely and can leave some space from the ground, this space can let grass breath easily and also can protect the grass life.

That’s why the ground protection mats can be used by clients so widely.

Does ground mats really work?

From our client’s actual feedback after using the ground mats, it really works with positive effects on human physiology. They work by creating an electrical connection between the access vehicles and the ground surface, simulating the effect of temporary roads directly on the ground.  So it can be also called temporary ground mats.

ground protection mats

How do I protect my lawn from heavy equipment?

Ground protection mats can help to minimize the amount of damage that heavy machinery causes as it travels across or is used while on a lawn.

These grass protection mats are specifically manufactured for the task at hand, and they’re far more effective and easier to use than plywood. Moreover, it has excellent property to let itself realize the forever service life, so once you buy it, no need to consider how long time to update or change, because as long as formal operation, it will never break down or unworkable.

How do I choose the suitable size of the ground protection mats?

According to different application request, we prepared different specifications of ground protection mats .

For example, 4*8 feet *1/2 inch light duty mats is suitable for max load 80 tons, it can be used on constructions areas, temporary road ways, pathways, fold courses, outdoor events. Some clients from landscape , cemetery and tree trimming business fields also need this ground mats.

Besides of this,  we have other sizes ground mats like 8×3 feet, 6×2 feet, 6×3 feet, 96×48 inches, etc. Thickness can be also adjusted according to the loads request .

Does ground mats have other names?

Yes of course, different country clients call it with different names . Here we list some popular names of ground mats: floor paving sheet, construction road mats, bear access mats, HDPE grass protection mats, plastic ground mats, etc.

What features of the ground protection mats?

It can easily support 20-120 tons vehicles.

Its both sides cleat or oval tread design for great traction to increase the wear resisting.

It can be covered on ground as the temporary road mats in minutes, very fast and easy.

It is no more splintered, warped, waterlogged plywood.

It is very simple hosing down leaves the mats clean.

It has 3-5 years service life and even exceed its max loads, it will not break down, will only bend.

What is the weight of the ground protection mats?

We list some popular specifications of the ground mats:

4*2 feet –21.5lbs

6*2 feet –32.25lbs

8*2 feet — 44lbs

6*3 feet — 51lbs

8*3 feet –65lbs

8*4 feet –86lbs

Thickness is 1/2 inch of above, of course the thickness can be adjusted if needed.