HDPE Cutting Boards

HDPE cutting boards are well known for kitchen fruit and meet cutting board, which is made of virgin HDPE material, that is food grade. Some regular shape like rectangle or round shape, we can process them via CNC milling machine, but if with a big quantity and special shape with engraved logo or something special, we suggest to make them by injection molding. No matter which way to make, please be ensure that our HDPE cutting board is safe for health and cost competitive for your business.

Is HDPE good for cutting boards

Virgin HDPE cutting board is safe, PE material is also known as polyethylene, it is made of ethylene polymerization of a thermoplastic resin, it is odorless, non-toxic, feel like wax, good-looking and environmental protection, will not cause health harm to the human body.

And HDPE material cutting board is not easy to produce scratches, it does not have gaps like wooden sticky board, so he will not easily breed bacteria, cutting vegetables with antibacterial effect will be better.

What are functions of HDPE cutting boards

Generally we suggest clients to choose the HDPE cutting boards according to their detailed application, if cut fruit and vegetables, then choose 15-20 mm thickness is OK.  If cut meat or something hard, then choose 50 mm or even 100 mm thickness cutting board is better.

And as a friendly reminder, each cutting board can only cut its suitable items, please do not use them mixed.

Can HDPE cutting board be customized

Yes , besides the kitchen cutting board, HDPE cutting boards are also used in commercial and industrial applications,  for this areas, people often request to cut to any size for their own plastic cutting board.

Such as: buffet lines portable plastic cutting board stations for events; fish market or meat counter cutting board; commercial cutting board for cutting food, food packaging and preparation, salad bars in restaurants, etc.

How hard is HDPE cutting board

HDPE cutting board hardness is Shore D 64.

It is hard enough for cutting, while you will not feel hard completely, because it has good toughness so when use knife to cut, it can also protect the knife.

What are the sizes of HDPE cutting boards

Popular sizes for HDPE cutting boards as below, of course customized sizes are available:

18”x12”x0.5”           20”x15”x0.5”

24”x18”x0.5”           18”x12”x1.5”

12”x9”x1.5”             24”x18”x1.25”

18”x18”x2.25”         20”x15”x1.25”