Shop qualified HDPE rods. HDPE rods are made by extrusion machine, so its length has no limitation. Its material is high density polyethylene, so the HDPE rods performs same property like HDPE material:  Odorless, non-toxic, waxy, chemically stable, resistant to most acid, alkali, organic solutions and hot water. Electrical insulation is good, easy to weld.

What are HDPE rods

HDPE rods are high density polyethylene material plastic round bar,  diameter range from 10-250 mm, any colors is possible with us to supply. HDPE rods have low density; good toughness (also suitable for low temperature conditions); good tensile properties; good electrical and dielectric insulation; low water absorption rate; low water vapor permeability; good chemical stability; tensile properties.

What’s the application of HDPE Rods

Instead of steel and other wear-resistant materials, HDPE rods ( HDPE bars ) are widely used in chemical industry, machinery, chemical industry, electric power, clothing, packaging, food and other industries. Such as pipes, transport containers, pump and valve parts, medical appliance parts, seals, cutting plates, sliding profiles and mechanical parts that are resistant to friction and impact.

What are the specifications of HDPE rods

HDPE rod names: PE-HD rods, PE 100 rods, PE 300 rods, high density polyethylene rods, high density PE rods.

HDPE rod colors: black, natural, red, blue, yellow, green, etc.

HDPE rod diameter:  from 10 mm to 250 mm. Common sizes are 30mm/40mm/50 mm/60 mm / 80 mm /100 mm.

HDPE rod length: actually it has no limitation, but for easy transport, clients always choose 1 meter or 2 meters for each piece.

Meanwhile, we accept kinds of machined parts of HDPE rods, like wall protect guard board, marine land reclamation,  equipment rollers and pulleys, swimming pool construction, sewage treatment plants, etc.

What is difference of HDPE rods and UHMWPE rods

HDPE rods are widely used in machinery, chemical, electric power, clothing, packaging, food and other industries. Widely used in gas transportation, water supply, sewage, agricultural irrigation, mining fine particle solid transportation, as well as oil field, chemical industry and post and telecommunications and other fields, especially in gas transportation has been widely used. UHMWPE rod application range is similar like polyamide and polytetrafluoron, its  wear resistance is better than carbon steel, it can be made of gear, bearing, bearing, star wheel, valve, pump, guide rail, sealing filler, equipment lining, sliding plate, artificial joint, fiber as body armor, rope, etc.

Can HDPE rods be welded

HDPE rods have the basic property which can be welded to the exactly same material. However, rare clients use HDPE rods to weld, they always use HDPE pipe to weld which used in underground project or HDPE sheets to weld swimming pool.