HDPE Sheets

Shop qualified HDPE sheets. HDPE sheet is made of high density polythylene plastic material, then under extrusion machine to form the sheet. It has different types of HDPE sheets, matte sheet, smooth sheet, texture sheet, dual color sheet, antiskid sheet, etc .

What is benefits of HDPE sheets

It is known for being extremely lightweight yet durable .

It is resistant for chemical , rotting , insects , mildew and has good impact resistance .

HDPE sheets also have durability ,  if the HDPE sheets or machined parts drop down , it will not be damaged but bounces back .

HDPE material is recyclable , so the HDPE sheets have sustainability .

Its price is reasonable and can be accepted widely by clients .

What are the disadvantages of HDPE

It is little poor weathering , and sensitive to stress cracking ,  not resistant to oxidizing acids , not resistant to chlorinated hydrocarbons , and it is high thermal expansion .

What is HDPE sheets used for

HDPE sheets used in wide applications , like : drinking water ; sewage line ;seals spraying carrier ;anti-corrosive tank ; bucket, acid ; alkali resistant industry ; waste ;exhuast emission equipment ; washer ;dust free room ;semiconductor factory and other related industry equipment and machinery ; food machine and cutting plank and electroplating process.

Is HDPE plastic waterproof

Yes it is .  But if client use it to weld the water tanks , its waterproof property is not as well as PP sheet .

What are HDPE sheets features

HDPE sheets are easy to weld using thermplastic welding equipment , it is low moisture absrption  , and it has excellent surface for food preparation .  Meanwhile , HDPE sheets have very god chemical and corrosin resistance ,  and easy to fabricate and machine , its density is 0.96-0.97 g/cm3 , so it is also a lightweight plastic .

How strong is HDPE sheet

Let us see the main properties of HDPE sheets , then you will understand its strength percentage :

Tensile strength :  4,000 PSI under D638 standard

Izod impact ( notched ) : 200,000 psi under D790 standard

Coefficient of linear thermal expansion :  Under standard of D696 , it is 7.0 in/in/°Fx10-5  

What are the specifications of HDPE sheets

General HDPE sheets including : smooth sheet ; matt sheet ; texture sheet ; dual color sheet .

Dimensions : 96 inch X 48 inch ; 48 inch X 24 inch ; 8 feet X 4 feet ;

Thickness 0.06 inch – 4 inch

Color choice :  Natural ,black ,red ,blue , yellow , orange , pink , grey , white , etc.

Grade : Anti- UV sheets , flame retardant sheets , cutting boards , marine board , food grade board , playground board ,  sanwich board , etc .

Is HDPE sheet flexible

HDPE sheets can be described magic , it is rigid while it is also flexible .

If you put the sheet on flat ground , you will see the sheet is also flat put on ground , touch it and feel it is hard and strong .  But if some hump on the ground to let the sheets bulge , you will find the HDPE sheets are flexible , along with the under ground situation change .

Is HDPE expensive

It is not expensive but can last long time to service for client . So it is a high cost performance product .