Hockey Rink Boards

Hockey rink boards are made of polyethylene sheets, commonly it has white color facing pads, yellow color kick plate and red or blue color handrail. We can cut into size with clients request to fit for their metal frame ( including steel frame or aluminum frame ). Also the colors can be request to change.

Because of the very good property of Polyethylene, it has strong impact strength, not absorb water, anti UV and anti aging.  So the high density polyethylene HDPE material become the popular material to make for hockey rink boards.

What are hockey rink boards made of

As above information metioned , it is made of HDPE material . It will not fading color , very easy to clean and install , has high impact strength , meanwhile it can be bended , formed , welded and easily cut to the required dimensions .

What are the specifications of the hockey rink boards?

Optional adult hockey rink often fit for :

white color facing dasher board size 48” height and 96” long .

yellow color kickplate height 7.5” .

blue handrail width is up to the frame width . usually 2.5-3 inch .

Smart hockey rink often fit for : 

42” height hockey facing board and 24” tall  .

yellow kickplate height 3.5 ” .

blue caprail same like the standard hockey rink .

Free Custom boards : 

We will supply the correct boards to your diamension request .

How much does hockey rink boards cost

As the market price level is not stable , we can only offer a reference price for your knowledge .  It is $1.80/kg -$ 2.00/kg  of the HDPE hockey rink boards .  Different diamension , make it different weight and price .

How thick are hockey rink boards

10 mm thickness for the white facing board is the most accepted size  .

8 mm thickness for the yellow kickplate is popular .

12-15 mm thickness for the blue caprail board is loved by our clients .

Of course , clients can request other thickness to fit for their requirement .

The hockey rink board is only for indoor

Of course not .

HDPE sheets to be used for hockey rink board , because it is stable against the sun , the rain and the snow , will not break , not color fading , not absorb water at all .

So it can be installed outdoor with no problem .