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How to choose HDPE sheets and LDPE sheets for your application ?

So many clients sent inquiries but did not know clearly about polyethylene sheets which include two types:  HDPE sheets and LDPE sheets.

Let us talk about the difference between HDPE and LDPE :

HDPE sheets — high-density polyethylene sheets

LDPE sheets — low-density polyethylene sheets


HDPE sheets 0.96-0.98 g/cm3  while LDPE sheets 0.91-0.92 g/cm3


when touching the LDPE sheet, it feels softer, it is white and transparent, but the transparency is average.

when touching HDPE sheets, it is harder,  not so fine but a little firm white color.


HDPE is 24-31 Mpa while LDPE is 7-14 Mpa


LDPE is under 100 degrees while HDPE is under 120 degrees


LDPE is 41-45 while HDPE is 60-70

To summarize, the higher the density is, the better ductility, heat resistance, oil resistivity, chemical resistance, and waterproofness the sheets have, these are the main difference between HDPE sheets and LDPE sheets.

Next, let us see the main applications of HDPE and LDPE sheets : 

HDPE sheets because of their excellent property of wear resistance, impact strength, no water absorption, and good tensile strength, can be used for kinds of truck liners, machinery wear blocks, swimming pool sheets, welding water tanks, chain guide strips, conveyor system slide blocks, etc.

LDPE is softer than HDPE, it is used mainly for kinds of films, injection parts, medical apparatus, and food package materials.

We supply HDPE sheets and LDPE sheets in general colors and any size you need.



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