HDPE welding tanks

Let us talk about HDPE SHEETS

When talking about HDPE, most people who are not in plastic sheet industries will think about plastic bottles, plastic pipes, or even plastic bags and plastic toys, etc because it is so often for us to see the material introduction on the label outside of the product and showing: HDPE material.

Actually, for HDPE material, another important part application should be the plastic sheets used for engineering plastic, ice rink field, and even people’s daily life. Today let us talk about the detailed usage of HDPE sheets.

HDPE sheets advantages :

Suitable cost but very good physical properties, especially durable in low temperature, are short production time but long service life.

Firstly, HDPE sheets are made from extrusion mostly, of course, they can be made by pressing, but it is rare and a little expensive. With the extrusion method, it can make different thicknesses, lengths and widths, and different colors, also can make different properties, like anti-UV, anti-static, self-lubricating or marine grade boards, etc.

Secondly, the full-size HDPE sheets can be used for truck liners, swimming pools, welding tanks, or ballistic laminate sheets. This photo is of the HDPE welding tanks.

HDPE welding tanks

The cutting HDPE strips can be used for wall safeguard boards, support strips, base plates, etc.

yellow HDPE strips

The machined HDPE parts can be used for high-wear blocks, support pads, soccer rebound boards, kitchen cutting boards, and so on.

high wear blocks

The grooved HDPE sheets can be used for farm manure leak breeding, chair, and belt guides, corner tracks, guide rails, neck guides, etc.

chain guide

The textured HDPE sheets can be used for kinder garden playground equipment.

garden playground equipment

If you have any requests for plastic sheets or machined parts but are not clear if the HDPE sheets can meet the property requirement, just contact us freely. We are very glad to know your request and indeed support you with our professional knowledge.

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