Nylon Sheets

Shop qualified Nylon sheets. Nylon sheets are one type of the plastic sheets, it is wear resistant, strong and stiff engineering grade plastic with bearing and wear properties. Our nylon sheets have MC nylon sheets and Nylon 6 sheets.

MC nylon sheet is made from atmospheric pressure, this material has improved nylon characteristics that are not found in injection molding and extruded nylon products, its common color is natural.

Nylon 6 sheet is made from extrusion machine, its common color is blue, black and white, and its standard size is 1000 x 1000 mm and 2000 x 1000 mm.

What is a Nylon sheet

Nylon is the most important type of engineering plastics , it is widely used and nearly covered all industrial fields , you will see its applications everywherer in life .

What are the advantages of nylon sheets

Nylon sheets are high mechanical strength, stiffness, hardness, toughness, good aging resistance, good mechanical vibration damping ability, good sliding property, excellent wear resistance, good machining performance, when used for precise and effective control, no creep phenomenon, anti-wear Good performance and good dimensional stability.

What are the classification of nylon sheets

Nylon sheets have two types :

Extrusion nylon sheets , it including Nylon 6 , Nylon 66 .

The material has the most superior comprehensive properties, including mechanical strength, stiffness, toughness, mechanical shock absorption and wear resistance. These properties, combined with good electrical insulation and chemical resistance, make Nylon sheets as  a “general-purpose” material for the manufacture of mechanical structural parts and serviceable parts. Compared with Nylon 6 , Nylon 66 has better strength and stiffness and toughness , but worse in impact strength , so it is more suitable to use for automatic lathe maching .

Cast MC nylon sheets , it is natural color and has good comprehensive properties, high strength, stiffness and hardness, creep resistance, wear resistance, heat aging, and good machinability.

Is nylon sheet waterproof

We can see it is waterproof , but not completely .

Because the Nylon sheet Moisture absorption rate is 1.3% -1.7% ,  means is put the nylon sheets into water at 23 degree for 24 hours , the after weight is 0.013 higher than before water .

What is standard size of Nylon sheets

The standard size up to which type nylon sheets client chooses :

Casting MC nylon sheets size :

1.1 X2.2 meters , 1.3 X2.6 meters , 1.3 X 2.7 meters , 1.5 X2.5 meters , 2.2 X 1.2 meters , thickness range 6-100 mm .

Extrusion nylon sheets size :

1 X1 meters , 2 X 1 meters .  Thickness 6-100 mm .

What is the nylon sheet main properties

Density 1.15-1.2 g/cm3

Conductivity (σ) 10-12 S/m

Thermal conductivity 0.25 W/(m·K)

Friction coefficient is usually 0.1-0.3.

It can maintain a certain mechanical strength at -60°C, and the heat-resistant temperature is 80-100°C.

What is the application of Nylon sheets

Widely used in chemical machinery, anti-corrosion equipment for making gears and spare parts. Wear-resistant parts, transmission structural parts, household appliance parts, automobile manufacturing parts, screw protection mechanical parts, chemical machinery parts, chemical equipment, etc.

Such as turbines, gears, bearings, impellers, cranks, instrument panels, drive shafts, valves, vanes, screw rods, high-pressure washers, screws, nuts, seals, shuttles, sleeves, sleeve connectors, etc.

How distinguish the quality of Nylon sheets

 MC nylon sheet is milky white to light yellow, uniform particles without mechanical impurities and surface moisture, the particle size is more than 40 particles/g, and the number of particles with tiny black spots is not more than 2%. It is characterized by toughness, shock resistance, and high mechanical Strength and heat resistance, good impact strength, high melting point, good molding performance, high water absorption, saturated water absorption rate of about 11%, easy to melt in sulfuric acid phenol or formic acid, low temperature embrittlement temperature minus 20 degrees -30 degrees.

Nylon 6 and Nylon 66 are transparent surface, with good tensile strength, impact strength, rigidity, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, surface hardness and other properties, high light transmittance, similar to optical glass, processing temperature is 300- -315 ℃, the temperature of the barrel should be strictly controlled during molding. If the melt temperature is too high, the product will be discolored due to degradation. If the temperature is too low, the transparency of the product will be affected due to poor plasticization. The mold temperature should be as low as possible. High mold temperature will reduce the transparency of the product due to crystallization.