Shop qualified Nylon sheets, rods and parts. Nylon is a thermoplastic resin containing repeated amide group. Its name is determined by the specific carbon atom number of synthetic monomer. The main varieties of nylon are MC nylon, nylon 6 and nylon 66. Nylon is the first synthetic fiber developed in the world. It is widely used as a substitute for traditional materials such as metal and wood, as a variety of structural materials.

What is Nylon?

Nylon is a ductile angular translucent or milky white crystalline resin, as engineering plastics nylon molecular weight is generally 15,000-30,000. Nylon has high mechanical strength, high softening point, heat resistance, low friction coefficient, wear resistance, self-lubricating, shock absorption and silencability, oil resistance, weak acid resistance, alkali resistance and general solvents, good electrical insulation, self-extinguishing, non-toxic, odorless, good weather resistance, poor dyeing.

Nylon disadvantage is large water absorption, affecting dimensional stability and electrical properties, fiber enhancement can reduce the resin water absorption rate, so that it can work under high temperature and high humidity. Nylon has a good affinity with glass fiber. It is often used to make combs, toothbrushes, clothes hooks, fan bones, mesh bags, fruit bags and so on. Non-toxic, but not long-term contact with acid and base.

Is nylon a widely used material?

We have to say ” YES ” , Nylon is called the most useful synthetic material and the first plastic among engineering plastics .  Meanwhile Nylon is eco friendly for clothing and accessories , it is widely used really .

What is stronger nylon or aluminum?

For stronger property , aluminum is better .

However , nylon is much more flexible than aluminum or other metal material . Aluminum is more for ling , and other parts that do not need to flex like hubs or gears .   And Nylon is light weight 2.4 times than aluminum when comparing solid shapes .   Regarding to special applications like designed timing pulleys , nylon can be 5 times lighter  than aluminum , but can achieving the same torque and speed requirements.

Why use nylon than metal?

Because nylon is lighter and cheaper to manufacture than metal , so it can help clients to save money for manufacturer and comsequently .

Besides nylon is less susceptible to corrosion and surface wear than metal .  Which means nylon will last longer than metal counterparts .

And nylon is better at absorbing noise and shock than metal material .

What products about nylon you can find in our website?

We produce Nylon sheets , rods and machined parts .

The nylon sheets ( MC nylon sheets )  are made from casting . Max length 2.7 meters and max width 1.5 meters . Thickness 6-100 mm .

For extruded rods , mainly including nylon 6 and MC nylon , their diameter range 10-300 mm .

For casting rods , mainly meaning MC rods , its diameter range is 400-500 mm .

Why is nylon so useful?

Nylon sheets and rods is exceptionally strong , relatively resistant to abrasion and moisture absorptivity , long lasting, resistant to chemicals , elastic , and easy to wash .

Among the engineering plastics , nylon is very important . Because it is electrical insulation , corrosion resistance and toughness , this properties make nylon a good choice for high load machinery parts in electrical applications , for example insulators , switch housings and the ubiquitous cable ties .

Is nylon water resistant?

Generally we treat nylon sheets as the water resistant plastic , because it is not abvious to see it absorbs water .

However , it does not resist water 100% .  Commonly Nylon 6 water absorption is 3.5%, Nylon 66 is 2.5%

Can nylon be recycled?

Nylon is recycled , and the recycled nylon is an eco friendly alternative to the original fiber because it skips the polluting manufacturing process.

Is nylon a plastic or rubber?

Nylon is a type of plastic derived from crude oil and is produced through an intensive chemical process.

Is nylon toxic to wear?

Nylon itself is not toxic, however, some of the chemicals used in its production may be toxic. It is important to do research on the type of nylon and its production process to ensure that it is safe to wear.

Can you wear nylon in hot weather?

Yes, nylon can be worn in hot weather. Nylon is a lightweight, breathable fabric that is perfect for hot climates as it helps to keep the body cool and dry. However, it is important to choose a lightcolored fabric as dark colors can absorb more heat.

Is nylon better than cotton?

It depends on the intended use. Nylon is more durable than cotton and is resistant to wear, making it a great choice for outdoor activities. However, cotton is more breathable and absorbs moisture, making it ideal for everyday wear.