PP OEM Parts

Just like our UHMWPE , HDPE machining parts ,  our PP sheets can be also cut and process with any shape machining parts . Lijiu accept drawings to process , also help client to design and make drawing for free .

What PP OEM parts mean

PP OEM parts means PP ( polypropylene ) machining milled parts , it can be regularly machined and facricated , as it is one type plastic that has many advantages , like acid resistance , light weight with high impact resistance .

What equipment are PP OEM parts used for

PP machining parts can be applicated into below fields :

Fiter components




Wear pads and strips and blocks

Orthotic and prosthetic devices

Pump componenets

Does PP sheets can be processed into any shape

Lijiu has a big capacity of CNC milling capabilities and rich experiences operator to accept any shape OEM machining parts .

What is advantage of PP OEM machining parts

Excellent chemical resistance

low density about 0.91g/cm3

high purity

low moisture absorption

high thermal expansion

no stress crack formation