PP Sheets

Shop qualified PP sheets. Polypropylene (PP) sheet is a kind of semi-crystalline material. It is harder than PE and has a higher melting point. The veka softening temperature of PP is 150℃. The material has good surface stiffness and scratch resistance due to its high crystallinity. There is no environmental stress cracking problem in PP.

What is PP sheets

The  PP sheet is one of the plastic sheet .

It is low density, easy welding and processing, excellent chemical resistance, heat resistance and impact resistance, non-toxic, tasteless is the most environmental protection requirements of the project .

Its main colors are white, microcomputer color, other colors can also be customized according to customer requirements.

Is PP sheets rigid or hollow

PP sheets including rigid sheets and hollow sheets .

The rigid sheets are made from extrusion method , which density is 0.91-0.93 g/cm3 .  It can be made of virgin Polyprolylene material and very hard , it is used for food processing industry , package materials in industrials .

The hollow sheets are also named PP corrugated sheets , it is  light weight but durable , widely used for packaging such as box , cases  and returnable transport containers . It is loved by people because of its attractive colors and design .

Is PP sheet waterproof

Surely it is .  Besides of waterproof , it is also extremely resistant to moisture absorption , this good properties can increase its advantages to be used for packaging materials .

What is PP sheet used for

Drinking water |sewage line |seals spraying carrier| anti-corrosive tank/bucket |acid/alkali resistant industry |waste/exhuast emission equipment |washer, dust free room |semiconductor factory and other related industry euipment and machinery | food machine and cutting plank and electroplating process .

What is features of PP material sheets

Easy to weld using thermoplastic welding equipment

Low moisture absorption

Good chemical resistance

Extremely tough,The Shore D of RJ-SQ is 75~80;

Excellent aesthetic properties

Easy to fabricate

Is there any disadvantage of PP sheets

We have to say the PP sheets have a high thermal expansion coefficient which limits its high temperature applications .

Meanwhile , it is difficult to paint , due to it has poor bonding properties .