Soccer Rebounder Boards

Soccer rebounder boards are also be called Rebounder wall soccer , it is made of HDPE plastic sheets , which has a good impact strength .

The rebound board for football training is mainly used for beginners to exercise their prediction of the line and speed of the rebound ball. In addition, the rebound board for football training is made of high-density polyethylene, which is easy to carry, impact-resistant, non-breaking, low water absorption, non-sticking to foreign bodies, corrosion resistant, easy to clean and environmentally friendly engineering plastics.

And unique folding design, firm, strong and durable, ball impact is not easy to deformation and outdoor use of corruption and other characteristics.

Are rebounder boards good for soccer

Yes , surely .  The soccer rebounder board is helpful for outfield players and goalkeepers to improve their first touch be that with their feet , heatd or chest , and can through the rebounder board to strengthen their weaker foot through repetition practice .

Features of the soccer rebounder board

Soccer rebounder board is equipped with a handle, and can be carried to the training site at any time, fast training, suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor venues. Fast folding, more convenient storage, folding smooth and durable, folding in a second, quick and convenient installation, the surface is made of thickened rubber, not easy to damage. Polyethylene material, high stability, wear resistance, low permeability, stable structure, smooth cross section.

Popular size as below :

39in x 16in (100cm x 40cm) | 39in x 24in (100cm x 60cm) | 59in x 16in (150cm x 40cm)

Handle Size: 4in x 2in (10cm x 4.5cm)

And we have two types of fladway angled legs for your choice .