Synthetic Ice Rink

Synthetic ice rink is a product made of polymer freezing material field using ecological and environmental protection technology, which reduces the energy consumption required for ordinary freezing to zero, and can truly become a real perfect substitute, with zero power consumption and zero power consumption, it is convenient to disassemble and assemble, and it is not affected by the season.

What is difference with synthetic ice rink and real ice rink

Nowadays, there is no big difference between synthetic ice rink and real ice rink, but the construction cost of synthetic ice is only 1/4 of the real ice, and is not limited by the area, location and environment, can be quickly installed and disassembled indoors or outdoors all year round, and the maintenance cost is small.

Compared with the traditional ice rink, the simulation ice rink has the following five advantages:

Low purchase cost: for example , 800 square meters ice rink , the cost of real ice field is about 1-1.5 million USD,  but synthetic ice only need 4-5 hundred thousand USD can have a complete set of equipment.

Late operation cost is low, easy to manage.

Smooth sliding, quality experience .

Flexible assembly and disassembly, easy storage.

Venue advantage: the synthetic ice rink is suitable for any level surface, including the smooth outdoor and marblebrick shopping mall floor.

Are synthetic ice rinks cold

Synthetic ice rink is not cold at all , it is just room temperature , not same cold as real ice .

Because the synthetic ice floor is made of UHMWPE sheets with self lubricating additives , it can be treated as the normal plastic sheet , so no worry about its temperature .

Is synthetic ice slippery

Yes , it is slippery , even it is not real ice , but it still be slippery completely .

So when you walk on it , treat it like realy ice to avoid fall off !

The reason because it is made from UHMWPE material sheet , the UHMWPE sheet has self lubricating property .

How to clean and maintain synthetic ice

Clean :  Just need to sweep the synthetic ice floor twice a day if it is used frequently .

Then use water to scour it is OK enough , no worry about the floor when meet water , it will not absorb water at all .

Manitenance : If the scratches happened on the surface under a period of time , then use cleaning machin to mill the surface .

Can leave the synthetic ice rink outdoor for long time

The synthetic ice rink can be installed indoor and outdoor , so leave it outdoor is no problem  .

But one point need to be attentioned to ,  because it is made of plastic UHMWPE material , so it will have slight expand under high temeprature or contract under low temeprature .  But this not affect its performance and usage .

How Long do Synthetic Ice Rinks Last

UHMWPE synthetic ice floor surface impact strength, size stability, hardness and moisture are very excellent, with perfect movement performance and long-term stable service life, its service life can reach more than 10 years under the normal operation .