UHMWPE lining

Tips for preventing UHMWPE liners from aging

When talking about UHMWPE sheets, we all know its main application is the lining. No matter the truck body liner, coal bin liner, hopper liner, chute liner or conveyor system liner, etc. They all belong to UHMWPE lining.



Customers choose this material because it is the ideal material to use for the lining industry. It has extreme wear resistance, very good impact resistance, nearly 0 water absorption, and very good self-lubricating, meanwhile, it does not need special maintenance and repair. It deeply reduces many jobs for clients and saves costs in their long-term work, compared to other lining materials or without any lining.

uhmw liner for tube

However, the UHMWPE sheet is not eternal, it has a reasonable service life, according to different convey materials strength and specific use frequency, also need to see its particular environments, so if we know more about its use tips, it can help clients to save more cost and service long time than theoretical time.



coal bunker liner board


First of all, when using them, as possible as could to put them in dark places, but not in strong sunshine.

Second, if really can not avoid being under the sunshine, it does not matter, UHMWPE has its basic anti UV property, and also has the property of anti-aging. Moreover, we can add extra anti-aging additives when we make the UHMWPE sheets for clients.


Next, we list some tips for detailed usage in lining applications:

*Because the thermal deformation temperature of the UHMWPE sheets is 85 degrees, the ambient temperature used should not exceed 80 degrees.

*In operation, we should always keep the material in the bin and the material piled in the bin at the drop point, and always keep the material in the bin for more than half of the capacity.

*When the temperature is low, please pay attention to the static time of the material in the enterprise to avoid cold blocks.

*The static state of the material in the warehouse should not exceed 36 hours, and the material with a water content of less than 4% is suitable.

*Do not use external force to damage its structure and risk loosening fasteners.

*The hardness of all kinds of materials is different, shall not be replaced at will, and flow staff, if need to change, shall not be larger than 12%, change in the material or flow will affect the use of village board.

UHMWPE liner

plastic liner


If you would like to choose UHMWPE sheets, welcome to contact our sales, we are positive to supply product knowledge and a reasonable price.

Meanwhile, UHMWPE sheets can be also used for Port fender boards, the outdoor bin, and decorative materials, also kinds of wear blocks to fit on machine equipment, like transportation machinery, food, and packaging, environmental protection, paper making, ceramic, etc. Anyway, as long as you have a request about this material, just freely contact us!

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