UHMW Machined Parts

UHMW can be cut into small pieces and process into different shape parts via CNC milling machine. Why it is so popular to use UHMWPE material to make the wearing parts?

Because its highest abrasion resistance of any polymer, 6 times more wear resistant than steel; and its self lubricating, very low coefficient of friction; and superior impact resistant, noise -absorption, vibration absorption. Meanwhile it keeps very good performance under low weather even -269 degree. Also it is no adhesion and light weight than metal.

So it is widely used in kinds of industries, like mining, filter, colad rolling, chemical industries.

What is the comparasions between UHMWPE and other material

Wear performance
The wear resistance of UHMWPE ranks first among plastics, 4 times higher than nylon 66 and polytetrafluoroethylene, 5 times higher than carbon steel.
 Impact performance
UHMWPE has the highest impact strength among commercially available engineering plastics, twice that of polycarbonate (PC) and five times that of ABS, and can maintain high toughness at liquid ammonia temperature (-196C).
 Lubrication performance
The friction coefficient of UHMWPE is only 0.07~0.11. It can be combined with polytetrapylathylene and is an ideal self-lubricating material.
 Resistance to chemical corrosion
UHMWPE has high chemical stability and can withstand various corrosive media and organic solvents within a certain range of temperature and concentration.
 Low temperature resistance
UHMWPE has excellent low temperature resistance and remains malleable at liquid oxygen temperatures (-269 °C).
Stress cracking resistance
General polyethylene has poor stress cracking resistance, while UHMWPE has excellent stress cracking resistance, and the cracking resistance increases gradually with the increase of molecular weight.
 Adhesion resistance
UHMWPE has strong adhesion resistance, second only to polytetrethylene.
 Electrical insulation
UHMWPE has good electrical and dielectric properties compared with other polyenes, with dielectric loss rate of 1~2×104 in the range of 50~100 MHz

Are UHMW machined parts stronger than steel

UHMW PE machined parts can replace with steel , aluminum , various metals and other polymers .  We can not say UHMWPE is completely strong than metal , but from the fibre direction , it is much stronger than steel . And its tensile strength stronger than steel , but lighter and more flexible . Due to its strength , UHMWPE machined parts have been used to certain heavy industries as a substitute for steel chain and alternating steel .

What are detailed applications of UHMW machined parts

Bottling / Conveying Machinery:
Wear Strips, Machined and Extruded Profiles as Guides, Star Wheels, Timing Screws, Dead Plates and Conveyor Curves. Ideal for use in Breweries, Canning Plants, etc.

Paper Industry:
Suction Box Tops, Forming Boards, Foil Blades, Doctor Blades, Sealing Strips, Deckles and Febriculas.

Mining / Bulk Materials:
Chute Liners, Bin Liners, Truck Liners, Impact Slider Bars, Scraper Blades and Wear Plates

Filter Industry :
Different kinds of filters like Drum Filters, Disc Filters, Belt Filters, etc.

Cold Rolling Industry :
Roll Pads, Roll Racks, Saddle Blocks, Roll Drives & Guide Boards.

Chemical Industry :
Spray Nozzles, Flanges, Impellers, Pump Casings, Filter Plates and Frames, Wear Parts for Belt Filters, etc.

Can you help customers design and develop UHMWPE Machined Parts

Generally we accepted the detailed drawing with the UHMWPE machined parts .

However , if customer can only describe what size and shape machined parts they need , we can surely design and make drawing for customers for free .  So if any request for the plastis wearing machined parts , just contact us !

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