Shop qualified UHMW rods. UHMWPE rods are made from virgin UHMWPE material and extruded from the extrusion machine, under different diameters and no limitation of length. Generally natural color is acceptable by clients, other colors are available also. We can supply the whole length or cut into size pieces like rollers, pipes, tubes, etc.

What are UHMW rods

UHMW ROD including 20-300 mm diameters specifications , common length like 250 mm , 500 mm , 1000 mm , 2000 mm , etc . We can also provide customized size as client’s need .

Its specific weight is 0.96g/cm3 , yield strength 25 Mpa , ultimate strength is 45 Mpa , breaking elongation is 355% , and impact strength is 130 Mj/mm2.

Above properties are the most points which clients care about , due to this excellent properties , clients buy UHMW RODS to use for : Technical spindle , picking stick , gear , coupling , flower stem , buffer blocks , eccentric blocs k rod bushing and other wear resistant parts in textile industry . And UHMW ROD can be used for food machinery like worm gear , bearings , etc .

What is UHMW Rod used for

Uhmw rods application : wear sleeve, roller, pipe, shaft sleeve, pulley, wear block, PE bar.

UHMWPE port machinery accessories: wear-resisting sleeve, roller, roller, axle sleeve, pulley, nylon pulley, nylon axle sleeve, wear-resisting block.

What’s the difference of HDPE Rod and UHMW Rod

HDPE rod is mainly used in medical appliance parts, seals, cutting plates, sliding profiles. Widely used in machinery, chemical, electric power, clothing, packaging, food and other industries. HDPE rod widely used in gas transportation, water supply, sewage, agricultural irrigation, mining fine particle solid transportation.

UHMW rod application range and polyamide, polytetrafluoron similar, wear resistance than carbon steel, gear, bearing, bearing, star wheel, valve, pump, guide rail, sealing filler, equipment lining, sliding plate, artificial joint, fiber as body armor, rope, etc.

What’s the diameter of UHMW Rods

Lijiu plastic rod diameter range is 20-300 mm .

Does UHMWPE Rods have good wear resistance

UHMWPE Rod is extremely resistant to abrasion , you can imagine its wear resistance is 15 times better than carbon steel .

Why choose UHMW Rod but not other plastic rod

UHMW(PE) Rod has an exceptionally low coefficient of friction which offers uperb sliding properties and is one of the best mateirlas for wear  and abrasion resistance . It is tough even at low temperatures , it offers low weight and it is easy to weld and process .

In summary , UHMWPE material is the most cost performance material among engineering plastics .

Under what temperatures does UHMW Rod works well

Same as the UHMWPE material ,  UHMW Rods have excellent property under low temperature , it can keep very good property in -260 degree to + 80 degree .  And it can keep a short term operating temperature of +120 degree .

What are the machining characteristics of UHMW Rods

When use lath machine to machine the UHMW Rods , we suggest to use high speed steel tooling with lots of back rake , side rake and clearnace , and a generous nose radius .

Use caution when turning UHMW PE as the chips will be continuous and tend to wrap around the tooling so a pecking action is advised .