UHMW Sheets

Shop qualified UHMW sheets. UHMWPE sheets are the outstanding engineering plastic until now, it has not expensive cost but excellent properties, so it is very popular be chosen by clients in wide applications. Moreover, it can be made with any color, wide range of sizes, and kinds of properties, like anti-UV, anti-wear, anti-static, flame retardant, or boron added or glass added.

Clients can choose the full-size sheet, cut into a size smaller pieces, or CNC machinery parts or rods and tubes. Meanwhile, clients can choose the UHMW sheets in different grades, according to their own application property request, with molecular weights from 2-9 million. Different molecular weight, different properties performance.

UHMW sheets colors are free to choose

Of course yes!  No matter if you show us the Panton number or the picture reference, we can follow that to make the same colors ( has standard color difference ).

What is standard size of UHMW sheets

Standard UHMW sheets sizes:

8′ X 4′  | 8′ X 3′ | 12” X 12” | 18” X 18” | 24”X12” |48”X12” |24”X24”|48”X24”|48”X48”|48”X96”|96”X96”|120”X48”

Other sizes within 6 meters length and 2 meters width are available to make .

Standard thickness :

1/8” , 3/16” , 1/4” , 3/8” , 1/2” , 5/8 ” ,3/4”, 1 ” , 1-1/4” , 1-1/2”, 1-3/4” , 2”.

How to cut UHMWPE sheet

UHMWPE sheets can be cut by the cutting machine or CNC milling machine.  It has good toughness to allow the cutting tools to process into different shapes and keep their original property unchanged.

Where to buy UHMW sheets

Lijiu Plastics is the engineering plastic supplier and UHMW sheets are the main parts we sell. Under kinds of standard size and types of colors, clients can choose the suitable one for themself, meanwhile will get a professional suggestion for their application if needed.

Contact info:  +86 13153179935 (Whatsapp )

Email: info@lijiuplastics.com

What about the delivery time of UHMWPE sheets

Generally, we have some standard size UHMWPE sheets in stock with white and black colors, for those panels can be delivered very fast about one week.

If need customized shape and property UHMWPE sheets, need to make them specially for clients and need about 15-20 days to send out.

How to prove the property of UHMW sheets

SGS test report is the most popular way to test and prove the property of UHMW sheets.  We can arrange the SGS report in China or clients can test it locally. The test will be admitted worldwide.

Besides, some clients would like to test the UHMW sheets on-site ( in a real application ) or buy a sample first to check its quality. Lijiu Plastics supports free samples for clients.

How about the price cost of UHMW sheets

UHMW sheets’ price lists in a middle level in all engineering plastics, for example, it is more expensive than HDPE and PP, but cheaper than nylon and PTFE. But it has excellent properties which are outstanding in all plastics. We can say, besides high-temperature resistance, all other properties it can meet the demand. So, UHMW sheets are high-cost performance products.