Shop qualified UHMWPE liners. UHMWPE liner is the main application of UHMWPE sheets,  it is a premium grade wear resistant, flow promoting polyethylene plastic liner. UHMWPE wearing liners can display good resistance to wear and impact. Meanwhile it has self lubricating property, can guarantee the surface keep slippery to protect the metal body.

What is UHMWPE liner

UHMWPE Liner is a kind of engineering plastics with excellent properties, which has excellent properties such as impact resistance, high wear resistance, non adhesive material, corrosion resistance and so on.

UHMWPE liner usually be installed to the metal body with bolts or through welding , it can effectively prevent the congestion and bond in the coal bunker, and be widely used in many industries such as steel, coal, cement, metallurgy, power, ship industry, and its service life is more than 10 years .  It can withstand coal powder material 1 million times more.

Why the UHMWPE liner Is so popular

Beause UHMWPE material has very low coefficient which results in excellent anti stick properties , that can increases material flow and resuces the buil up of sticky materials , that can help your equipment extend the service life and reduce repair cost and extremely protect the equipment body surface to avoid the damage of the materials .

What’s the function of UHMWPE liner

UHMWPE liner most fuction is “protect” .

For example , the tuck linings ,  it can protect the transport surfaces of vehicles from the effects of mechanical forces and damage to the oaint or metal surface . This also greatly reduces the risk of corrosion and increases the service life of transsport surfaces . Especially for the dump truck , without the liners , it has to life at least 60% to let the materials down to ground completely . With the liner , it can only lift 35%  is OK enough , it really reduce the risk of tipping over and speed up the unloading .

What is the detailed features of the UHMW PE liner

Extreme high abrasion resistance; Extreme high temperature resistance; Extreme low coefficient of friction; Very high wear resistance; Very excellent sliding properties; High chemical resistance ; High toughness extreme low temperatures .

Where can UHMWPE Liner be used

Trailer or tipper liners , silo linings , bucket linings , chute linings , bunker liners , hopper liners , wear plates , machine parts , etc .

We can produce any thickness and size UHMWPE sheets as the liner to adhere to virtually any equipment surface to protect that .

Can UHMWPE LINER be customized

Generally the small thickness liners like 8 mm or 10 mm UHMWPE liners , can be bended with a big arc naturally , under this case , the liner size can be made with large size like 4000 X 2000 mm or 3000 X 1000 mm .

But if your equipment is a circle and need to be covered fully with the liner , then need to cut down the UHMWPE sheet into small pieces , to let it perfectly matches the equipment surface .

So , no matter for full size sheet or cut into size pieces , we can make for both .