UHMWPE Marine Fender

We can design and manufacture of high performance, advanced marine fender systems. We promise the most suitable design of UHMWPE marine fender pads, to guarantee it works for a low maintenance, long service life whatever your working demands and environmental conditions. For the very best end-to-end solutions and peace of mind that your fenders meet your specification.

The fender system is a critical part of that infrastructure, which including the plastic facing pads,  rubber, chains, rubber and steel frame. Taking a whole system approach to fender systems – from engineering and design, to manufacturing and maintenance – ensures high-quality fender systems installed optimize vessel throughput and port operations efficiently and safely over the long-term. Among the fender whole system, the front UHMWPE plastic facing pads are the most important, because it is the first and only part to be touched with the ships. 

Why marine fenders need UHMWPE to be the front facing pads

Because of the greatly impact resistance performance , UHMWPE sheets are the worldwide accepted material to be used for marine fender facing pads . It works much better than wood and rubber in the marine constructions or coastal protective structures .

Meanwhile the UHMWPE marine fender pads allow ships to glide easily along the surface , protect the hulls and docks tructures , moreover , it is anti corrosion and marine bore worms , and can keep good performance in cool water for the whole year , this point is exactly meet the demand of Marine fender system request .

What are the types of the marine fenders

Arch Fender | Cylindrical Fender | Cone Fender | Super Cell Fender |

D Fender | Wing Fender | Square Fender | Unit Element Fender |

Roller Wheel Fender | Tug Fender | Pneumatic Rubber Fender |

Foam Filled Fender | Keyhole Fender | Rubber Ladders |  Rubber pads for Fender |

UHMWPE fender pads to use for which type of fenders

The arch fenders have rubber and plastic facing pads two parts .

The higher friction of the rubber surface can be used to good effect to dampen the  the movements between vessel and wharf in sea swells and similar conditions.

UHMWPE fender facing pads can be cut , drilled and machined with ease , then fastening machined to the rubber .  UHMWPE fender pads are the strongest and toughest of all polyethylene grades for marine applications .

What is the detailed application for UHMWPE fender pads


Fender panel facing pads ;Fender pile rubbing strips ; UE-V fender shields ; Facing strips for jetties and wharves ; Lock entrance and lock wall protection ; Mitres on lock gates ; Bridge buttress protection ; Pontoon pile guide bearings ; Fast-launch lifeboat slipways ; Beltings for smaller workboats .

Can UHMWPE fender pads customized

Surely it can .  UHMW PE material sheets are available in many colors like yellow , green , red , blue, black or grey , which can be used to make the fender system more bright and visible in poor weather .  Meanwhile , the UHMWPE sheets can be cut into small pieces , like flat panel , edge panel , corner panel , etc .  Drilling holes and making chamfers are no problem with us .  Clients can choose recycled UHMWPE , virgin PE 500 , virgin PE 1000 or virgin PE 2000 to make the fender pads .

How about UHMWPE fender pads’ maintenance

The maintenance cost for UHMWPE marine fender pads are ” zero ” .

It will never break or need to clean within its service life ( generally 5-10 years ) , because it is anti-age basically .  Under the strong sunshine and within the cool water for long time , this factors will not affect the UHMWPE fender pads works well . Even exceed its service life , it becomes aged , discolored , cracked , brittle or powered under the action of atmosphere , sunlight and oxygen , it still not break off . However , we friendly reminder , the UHMWPE marine fender panels should be replaced within the reasonable service years .

Any other names of the UHMWPE marine fenders

As we are the plastic UHMWPE sheets manufacture , which used for the marine fender systems , so when we say UHMWPE marine fenders , it just means the UHMWPE marine fender pads .  Clients call it with different names like :

Marine fender face pad | dock baffle uhmwpe pads |  Dock fender pads  | barbour boat protection plastic pads | UHMWPE HDPE sliding fender facing pads  | Jetty dock fender plate | UPE dock fender panel | PE 1000 anti- UV fender pads  , etc .

We lijiu plastics accept customized size and color orders of UHMWPE sheets , show us the drawing , the reasonable offer will be sent to you in fast speed . We do not guarantee the problems never happen , but we can positively face up to anything from begining to end of your purchasing .

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