uhmwpe block

Variety and application of UHMWPE sheets

We are in the engineering plastic field for more than 10 years, among this time, we serviced clients who were from different industries. So we collect the knowledge about the variety of UHMWPE sheets applications :


*UHMWPE sheets to be used as super wear-resistant sheet

Such as lining of the bunker, harbor machinery, mining, machinery parts, construction machinery parts like wear block, wear strip, wear sheets, chute liner or hopper liner, etc.

part 785

*Pure Ultra high plate

Transportation machinery, food industry, packaging industry, environmental protection, paper making like suction box cover plate, ceramic.

upe suction box


*Antistatic plate

Underground work, wharf, food processing, and other anti-static parts


*Fire retardant panel

My underground operation, mainly used in the local bunker area


*Color Plate

Decorative materials, fender panels, colorful crane outrigger pads, double color liners

outrigger pad


*Boron Board

Medical treatment, nuclear power plant radiation, neutron, nuclear, and Y rays, especially in army and hospital

uhmwpe wear block

*Fender panel

Port wharf fender board, anti-collision board, dock water pressure cushion

blue fender facing block

*Paving slab

Kinds of ground protection mats, rig mats, civil engineering, basic work, drilling engineering, landscaping , preserving heritage or ecologically sensitives areas

hdpe ground protection mat


UHMWPE sheets have a huge application range, as long as clients need plastic material with high wear and impact strength property, then UHMWPE material must a great choice.  Just contact us freely, tell us your requirement, and we are pleased to quote and share our goods information for you.


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