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What are Ground Protection Mats ?

Many machinery and equipment will be transported to the construction site before construction. At this time, some problems will be encountered, such as heavy crawler equipment will crush the road or lawn when passing, or some sand and mud will trap vehicles or construction machinery. What should we do then? The following blog will provide the solution.

ground protection mats

What are ground protection mats?

Ground protection mats are made of polyethylene. It is a product used to protect the original ground or form a temporary ground.

What are ground mats used for?

Ground protection mats are used for protecting the ground or essential and very important ground protection mats to provide access and temporary roads for vehicles, especially for places with poor ground conditions such as sand, mud, and swamps. Also in some special ground venues, such as grass, backyard. Covering the ground pads creates a safe and secure surface, while the floor pads are flexible enough to withstand a variety of vehicles.

 What about the specification of ground protection mats?

We accept customized sizes for the ground protection mats request because different clients use the mats for different projects and face up the different ground situations, also different types of vehicle access also need different size ground protection mats, like wheeled vehicles and crawler caterpillars. But we still have some standard specifications :
2440 X 915 mm T12.7 mm max load 50 tons
1830 X 1220 mm T15 mm max load 60 tons
2440 X 1220 mm T20 mm max load 80 tons
3000 X 1000mm T25mm max load 100 tons
5900 X 2000mm T30 mm max load 120 tons
Of course, the thickness and size are not one-to-one corresponding.

What applications of ground protection mats?

Ground protection mats are used so widely, like :
Construction, civil engineering and groundwork
Oil and gas platform site
Pedestrian walkways
Temporary roadway and car parks
Utilities and infrastructure maintenance
Golf course and sports field
Beach access for wheelchair
Helicopter landing
Emergency access routes
And all kinds of difficult grounds like mud, sand, and marshy areas.

What are the ground protection mats made of?

It is made of polyethylene material.
Light duty ground protection mats are made of high-density polyethylene ( HDPE).
Heavy duty ground protection mats are made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE).

How about the installation and lift of the ground protection mats?

There are 4 connect holes in 4 corners of the mats, to connect the mats with connectors.
Besides, there are 6 or 8 handle holes at the four edges of the ground protection mats, to let adults lift them easily.
And there are cleats (anti-slip patterns) on both sides of the ground protection mats, the cleat height is 6 mm and 8 mm two types.

Can the ground protection mats be customized in colors?

Surely it is. Usually, in the construction site project, clients often choose black color, its price is the most competitive, and black color is dirt proof.
But in some beach or grass sites, clients often choose bright and attractive colors like yellow, blue, or dark green colors. Their price is a little higher but looks nicer than the black color.
For the US market, 90% of clients like white color ground protection mats, these white color mats have already become a signal for the US ground protection mats market.

What is the service life of ground protection mats?

Its standard service life is 5 years, we seriously guarantee this and if any broken situation under normal operation, we will replace the new one for the client.

Plastic Ground Mats

What is the advantage of plastic ground protection mats?

It is lightweight, easy to carry, and quick to lay by hand and install easily.
It is super tough 1005 recyclable plastic, not harmful to the environment.
It provides secure fixing and slots together without tools for connection.
It is easy to move around and store indoors and outdoors, with no need for maintenance and cleaning especially.
It is flexible enough, even if the access vehicle exceeds its load bearing, it will not break, will only bend and it can recover soon.

After reading this blog, you already know ground protection mats quite well. If you need this product in construction, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will provide the best price for your reference.

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