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What is the difference between UHMWPE and HDPE?

Many customers are confused, UHMWPE and HDPE look the same? Often asked, What is the difference between UHMWPE and HDPE?

Actually, the two materials are essentially different, but they are both widely used engineering plastic sheets. Due to their different properties and uses, many customers will confuse the two materials. So, what is the difference between the UHMWPE  and the HDPE?


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Different molecular weights:

The molecular weight of the UHMWPE (UHMWPE stands for Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene )board and HDPE (HDPE stands for High-density polyethylene)board is different, the molecular weight of UHMWPE board is 1.5-8 million, while the HDPE board is usually around 500,000.

Different uses:

The use of UHMWPE plate and HDPE plate is also different. UHMWPE plate is mainly worn resistant, and its wear resistance is 6-8 times higher than that of carbon steel, and it has excellent impact resistance. The HDPE board is mainly an anti-corrosion type, and it is resistant to light wear at the same time.

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Different production methods:

UHMWPE board and HDPE board are different in terms of processing, UHMWPE board is difficult to form, very difficult to process, and can only be made of simple-shaped plates and parts. The HDPE board is easy to process and form, and various linings can be made.

Different applications:

UHMWPE board and HDPE board are also different in terms of application scope. UHMWPE board can replace carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze, and other materials for textile, papermaking, food machinery, transportation, medical treatment, coal mine, chemical industry, and other departments. Lining of hoppers, silos, and chutes of powdery materials; various special-shaped parts can also be processed and customized.
The HDPE board can be used to make ice skating boards, ice hockey boards, cutting boards, chopping boards, tanks, guide rails, guide bars, earthwork carriage boards, tipper carriage boards, etc.


When purchasing a board, you should choose the board according to the parts you need to use and some characteristics that you need to have, so that the use-value of the board can be better played.

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