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When do you need to use ground mats?

When a new construction site is established, it is inseparable from various mechanical equipment. However, new construction sites often have no transportation routes available. What should we do in this situation? Ground mats are a perfect solution.

black ground mats

What are ground mats?

Ground mats are plates that cover the ground and link together to form temporary roads. These plates are called ground mats or ground protection mats. Composite plastics, steel, and wood can all be used as raw materials for ground mats. Check here you can find the explanation of Mat on Wikipedia.

What are ground mats used for?

Multiple ground mats can be combined to form a temporary road. It has two main functions, one is to protect the original ground, and the other is to create a temporary road for walking or transportation.

When do you need to use ground mats?

Ground mats can be used in the following situations:

  1. Field Temporary Road: When working in the field, there are sometimes no smooth roads for trucks or people to pass. At this time, the flat temporary road is composed of ground mats, which can ensure that heavy trucks and equipment will not get stuck in the mud when they pass.ground mats cover the pit
  2. Sandy Ground:  There is no doubt that the sand is soft, but in transportation, we have to go through the sand to reach our destination. At this time, ground mats can immediately form a hard road for vehicles to pass.ground mats on a beach
  3. Turf Management: If you need to build a stage in the middle of the lawn without destroying it, is there a best-of-both-worlds solution? The answer is ground mats, now it should be called ground protection mats. Combining Ground mats can form a solid foundation for building a stage and it also ensures that the turf will not be damaged.ground protection mats for grass
  4. Hardened Road: People will ask what effect ground mats have on hardened road surfaces, which are already passable. In fact, ground mats are used to protect the road surface. The track shoes of many crawler construction vehicles are made of steel. If this equipment directly walks on the cement road or asphalt road, their track shoes will directly damage the road surface. Laying HDPE heavy-duty ground mats on the ground can prevent heavy equipment from damaging the road surface when passing.

HDPE heavy duty ground mats

What are the advantages of ground mats?

The composite mats we produce are made of PE, so it is also called HDPE ground mats. It has many inherent advantages of PE materials. It is lighter than iron mats, easy to carry but has good load-bearing capacity. HDPE ground mats are more corrosion-resistant than iron ones and are easy to clean.

How long do ground mats last?

Ground mats last about 2-3 years, and it is an easy-care product that can be used over and over again. The lifespan of ground mats is about 2-3 years, which is an easy-care product that can be used over and over again. Its life depends mainly on the environment in which it is used, and how much it is loaded on. If only lightly used, the service life of ground mats can reach more than 5 years.


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